Sky Camera
This unit was constructed as a sky camera not a all sky camera because there is no horizon to horizon view of the
sky at this location. For this reason a wide angle lens was selected instead of a fish eye.

The camera consists of a low light video camera, a wide angle lens, a heated dome, a wireless video transmitter,
and power supplies  all in one housing.  The camera is a Super Circuits PC164c low light, black and white, video
camera with a 2.8 mm wide angle lens.  A Super Circuits MVL10 wireless video link is used instead of cable to
connect the camera to the computer. The computer has a video capture card and is using Handi Avi software to
capture the video.

Construction is based on the design by Cloud bait Observatory for their all sky camera. The camera and fan is
mounted inside of a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe. This is centered in a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe by spacers.  The
Wireless transmitter and power supply is mounted in the 4 inch pipe behind the 3 inch unit.

The dome is heated slightly by a fan that   circulates air, warmed by the power supply and transmitter through the
3 inch pipe around the camera and out into the dome.  The air goes back between the 3 inch and 4 inch pipe back
down to the area around the power supply to start over.